Swamplot Sponsor: Blast Can Trash Can Cleaning Service

Our sponsor today is trash-can cleaning company Blast Can. Thanks for supporting Swamplot!

Houston, have you washed your trash cans? Do you use hot water? Where do you dump the dirty water? Do you really want to do this yourself?

Why not relax and let Blast Can Trash Can Cleaners do the dirty work? The company’s custom-built container-cleaning truck comes to your home and cleans your trash and recycling cans in minutes — in an affordable and eco-friendly way. Blast Can’s approach is unique in this city — and has quickly won it praise from satisfied clients.

“I was in the trash and recycling business for over a decade and saw this problem,” says John Mixon, the company’s founder. “We’re offering a smart and easy way to make stinky trash cans a thing of the past.

The Blast Can cleaning method helps eliminate the bacteria, germs, odor, and filth that can live in garbage and recycle cans. Cleaning trucks lift and clean the cans right at the side of the curb.

The company’s truck uses extremely hot water during the process, but dirty water isn’t poured back on the street afterward. Instead, it’s all collected in the trucks after washing. Services are scheduled on the same day as your trash and recycling pickup.

If you’d like more information on this service — including pricing, a video of the truck in action, and a map showing where the company currently offers service, check out the Blast Can website. Both one-time and recurring plans are available.

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