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A home means many things to each of us. It’s a significant financial investment; an irreplaceable setting for memories of growing up; a place of retreat after a hard day’s work; and it provides us with a sense of identity that’s intrinsically tied to the community. But just as important — a home is also: color, texture, space, function, style, mood, inspiration, and structure. Design sets the backdrop for our lives, while defining the aesthetic through which we view the world around us.

With ReDesign, Boulevard Realty aims to provide its clients, prospective clients, and colleagues with access to the latest design trends and inspiration — all delivered from the perspective of a realtor, resource, and friend. “We are in the business of selling homes not for of our love of selling but for our love of homes,” the design team declares on the website’s About page.

ReDesign provides regular coverage of popular home features, as well as more specific looks at how some of these rooms, trends and approaches show up in a number of the properties Boulevard Realty has available for sale.

If you’re seeking design inspiration or a new home that speaks to you — or if you just love trawling through attractive pics of local interiors, check out ReDesign!

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