Swamplot Sponsor: Douglas Hord, Your Tax Guy in Houston

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Douglas Hord, Your Tax Guy in HoustonThanks are due to Douglas Hord, Your Tax Guy in Houston, for being today’s Swamplot sponsor.

Douglas Hord can prepare your small business and personal returns for less than you’ll pay the big guys. He has set minds at ease for hundreds of clients who no longer have to worry about big, ugly financial stuff like tax problems, credit issues, and mortgage problems. He has a law degree and plenty of experience working with small businesses and their IRS issues. He has worked in landlord-tenant matters, construction issues, debt collection, bankruptcy, and contract disputes — and has taught at 4 different Houston-area colleges.

His office is at 2502 Huldy St., Suite B — just north of Westheimer and just east of Shepherd. Check out the glowing reviews of his business on Yelp, or find out more on the Your Tax Guy in Houston website. You can get a discount on tax-preparation services for 2015 by paying before December 30.

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