Swamplot Sponsor: ‘Hacking Gentrification,’ A New Leaders Council Program, This Friday

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There’s a free program you might be interested in attending this Friday, August 12th, that’s being put on by the New Leaders Council — Houston. The program is called “Hacking Gentrification,” and it is Swamplot’s Sponsor of the Day. Thanks for the support!

Something tells us some Swamplot readers might have an opinion or 2 on this topic: Could Houston become the city that figures out how to avoid the pitfalls of gentrification?

This event is a chance for you to learn a few things about the issues involved in gentrification, but also to express your own opinions, hear those of others, and meet and network with other people engaged with the topic.

The first part of the program will be a moderated discussion featuring Houstonians with expertise in many of the issues surrounding gentrification: affordable housing, aging in place, criminal justice, urban planning, education, access to capital, and more.

The second part will be an open space conversation, so audience and panel members can dive deep on opinions, ideas, or questions that seize their imagination.

The goal? Maybe just new connections or more questions, but maybe a new partnership or an ad hoc committee to turn an idea into a plan for action.

The New Leaders Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan leadership-development program bringing progressive values to the civic discourse in Houston, throughout Texas, and across the country.

Join the conversation this Friday, August 12th, from 1:30 to 5 pm at The Montrose Center, 401 Branard St. in Montrose. There’s no cost to attend. You can find more information about the NLC—Houston on the organization’s website. And check out this page for more details about this Friday’s program.

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