Swamplot Sponsor: Houston Heights Beverage Coalition

Supporters of Heights Beer-Wine Proposition

Map Showing Dry Area of Houston HeightsToday’s sponsor is the Houston Heights Beverage Coalition, a political action committee supporting the passage of the November 8th ballot proposition to legalize the sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption in the Heights.

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The Houston Heights Beverage Coalition encourages Heights residents to vote “For” the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition. Election day is tomorrow, November 8th.

“It has been 104 years since the off-premise sale of alcohol has been legal in the Houston Heights area,” says Steve Reilley, the chair of the Houston Heights Beverage Coalition. “Prohibition ended 83 years ago. We think voters are ready to repeal these archaic laws and allow our grocery and convenience stores to once again be able to sell beer and wine to their customers.”

Who else wants this proposition to be approved? Houston president of the H-E-B Grocery Company Scott McClelland. “We look forward to voter feedback and are committed to building an H-E-B store that adds to the culture, pride and quality of life of the Heights and surrounding neighborhoods,” he says in a flyer put out by the coalition. “H-E-B looks forward to the possibility of expanding our offerings to the Houston Heights and are hopeful voters will support us at the polls.”

Also in favor of the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition: Houston city council member and Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen. “H-E-B is a proven community partner with a history of creating stores that are uniquely tailored to the neighborhoods they serve,” she writes. “I encourage the residents of the historic Houston Heights to vote FOR the beer and wine proposition so H-E-B can proceed with their plans to come to the Heights.

Got questions about the proposition? On the Houston Heights Beverage Coalition website, you’ll find an FAQ that includes the coalition’s answers to such questions as Is H-E-B really behind this effort? and Will there be a rush for convenience stores coming to the Heights? Will this affect the character of the Heights?

Here’s a special notice for straight-ticket voters: If you vote Straight Party Ticket, you will not have voted on the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition (or any other propositions that appear on your ballot). So be sure to finish the ballot by finding the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition and voting on it separately.

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