Swamplot Sponsor: Judy Thompson, Exclusively a Buyer’s Agent

Neighborhood Price Appreciation Chart from West U Real Estate Website, January 2016

Today Swamplot’s Sponsor of the Day is Judy Thompson, Exclusively a Buyer’s Agent. Thanks for supporting this site!

Judy Thompson has operated the West U Real Estate website since 2003. Among the data sets regularly updated there: 1-year and 10-year price-appreciation calculations for several popular neighborhoods. The latest numbers show Westbury as the winner in both categories.

Sales in other popular neighborhoods, Thompson notes, trailed off after summer; only 3 had double-digit appreciation rates for the year: Westbury, Montrose/Upper Kirby (meaning the portions of 77098 north of 59), and West U.

A portion of the latest stats is reproduced in the screenshot above; you can see the rest of the rankings on this page. Thompson also maintains color-coded charts to indicate whether the market favors buyers, sellers, or neither in each tracked neighborhood. If you’re tracking real estate values in any of the covered areas — or just trying to come up to speed on historical conditions — her site is a helpful resource.

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