Swamplot Sponsor: Just Buyers Houston

Today our thanks go to Just Buyers Houston, the Houston real estate firm that represents buyers only. Thanks for sponsoring Swamplot!

The market condition pages for townhouses and highrises have just been updated on the Just Buyers Houston website. Take a look. “If you are a highrise buyer you will find the most favorable market condition for buyers in the city,” notes Just Buyers Houston’s Judy Thompson. Demand for these units, she notes, is “not nearly as strong as it is for single-family and townhouses. Townhouses are easier to buy than single-family properties — there is more to choose from and these units generally do not sell immediately.”

You’ll find plenty more arrays of perusable stats for 21 popular neighborhoods on the Just Buyers Houston website. If you’re looking for an experienced, data-minded agent to guide you through the buying process for a highrise condo, a townhome, or a single-family home, give Judy Thompson a call.

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