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Just Buyers Houston Market Watch

Swamplot’s sponsor today is Just Buyers Houston, which represents — yes, you guessed it — buyers only in real estate transactions. Thanks for the support!

Just Buyers Houston has a data scientist to help buyers make better decisions. But there isn’t anything the firm can do about the low inventory of homes currently for sale in many Inner Loop and surrounding neighborhoods.

Judy Thompson has been calculating market conditions every other day for more than 10 years in 19 popular local Zip Codes — using a formula based on supply and demand. It just so happens that the latest update (shown in part above; click here to see the whole thing) shows, on average across all the tracked neighborhoods, a seller’s market in every price range except the $2-million-plus market (and that one is classified as a “normal” market). The end of the year is an ending point for many listing agreements. If a lot of potential sellers re-list their houses and many others decide early 2017 is a good time to sell, that could increase inventory.

Whether that happens or not, Just Buyers Houston data scientist Henry Kernan has several analytical tools to help you understand more fully the huge investment you make when you buy a house to live in or as an investment property:

  • Percentile of value for nearby or comparable properties (for example: 80 percent of lot sizes are bigger, 20 percent are smaller)
  • Probability analysis of how much the final sales price will be
  • Monte Carlo simulation for the return on investment (ROI) from rents, flips, long-term holding, etc.
  • Needle-in-the-haystack search for exactly what any customer needs
  • Spatial comparisons showing how the neighborhood or city is changing; trends

He’ll be developing even more metrics over the next few months.

So if you are an analytical buyer who has been frustrated at the dearth of house-buying data analytics, you’ll want to check in with Just Buyers Houston and see what the company has to offer. Take a look at the stats catalogued on the Just Buyers Houston website — and check it regularly as the offerings are expanded. And talk to Judy or Henry if you’re wanting a more customized approach to Houston real estate information.

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