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On Swamplot today our sponsor is Just Buyers Houston, a real estate brokerage that represents buyers only. Thanks for the support!

If you want to understand what’s going on with the city’s most popular neighborhoods — especially if you are not familiar with Houston — you’ll want to check out the table on the neighborhoods page of the Just Buyers Houston website (pictured above). It shows median subdivision sales prices for the previous year, as well as — the big shocker (for out-of-towners) — the property tax burden. And it shows Just Buyers Houston’s description of the demographic profile of the group that defines each neighborhood, such as Connected Bohemians (the coffee house crowd) or Money and Brains (the car pool crowd).

Current market conditions for each neighborhood indicate which side the market currently favors (buyer, seller, or neither); there are also links to public school information. Appreciation statistics are presented, so buyers can get an idea of which areas have proved to be the best investment over the previous 10 years. The column indicating the percentage of owner-occupied dwellings gives a hint as to how much rental property is nearby. The distance from Downtown is next, then the Walk Score (calculated from the center of the subdivision). Just Buyers Houston’s Judy Thompson says that Walk Score is becoming more important to young buyers — she hears walkability mentioned a lot.

There are plenty more pages filled with helpful stats, compiled and updated regularly, on the Just Buyers Houston website. If you’re looking to buy a home or condo in Houston and care about getting accurate information, you’ll want to check out Just Buyers Houston.

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