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Today our thanks go to sponsor of the day West U Real Estate LLC, which has a big announcement to make:

As of today, West U Real Estate has a new name, a new website, a new associate, and an intensified focus on data analytics. The new name is Just Buyers Houston. The new website — which is soft-launching right now, as we type — is here (that’s a screenshot above). The new associate is Henry Kernan. And he’ll be steering the brokerage’s new data programs.

Buyers’ agent Judy Thompson has been collecting useful historical home sales data on a select group of mostly Inner Loop neighborhoods on her website since 2004. And she’s served exclusively as a buyer’s agent in this city for more than 20 years. She’s tended to attract clients who have “a thing” for analysis — as she does. That’s how she met her new business associate.

Henry Kernan was a client first. After seeing her Sponsor of the Day post on Swamplot (!) late last year, he first contacted Judy to help him find a home in Houston. Later, she invited him to join the company.

Henry Kernan considers himself a data scientist first (and a petroleum geologist a close second). His passion, he says, is discovering the hidden gems in massive data sets. “Through my work in various fields,” he says, “I’ve come to consider automation as only a first step; the ability to tailor analysis to individual problems is the true goal. Sites like Zillow give users a good overview, but nothing can replace local knowledge and personalized advice. At Just Buyers Houston we aim to combine experience and cutting-edge technology — so our clients can be confident they are getting all the data.

In case it wasn’t clear from the new name, Just Buyers Houston still represents real estate buyers only. If you’re the kind of Houston real estate watcher who’s interested in using local data to get a sense of the market in the neighborhoods you’re considering — or if you just want to check out what this rebranded company has to offer — take a look at the brand-new Just Buyers Houston website. More information will be added to it in the weeks to come. And even after that, you’ll want to visit it regularly, to get a sense of the stories the latest data are telling.

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