Swamplot Sponsor: Keep the Heights Dry

Keep Heights Dry Poster

Today’s sponsor is Keep the Heights Dry, a political action committee hoping to defeat Proposition 1, which most Houston Heights residents will find on their ballot this election.

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Keep the Heights Dry (which sometimes also refers to itself as Keep the Heights Weird and Dry) argues that the longstanding restrictions on alcohol sales in the portion of the Heights that was once an independent city has over the years served as an important tool to protect the character of the neighborhood, creating a land-use environment that favors small, local business and a residential feel — despite the lack of blanket deed restrictions.

The ballot measure, if passed, would allow the legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only in this neighborhood — where it’s currently not allowed. Only voters who live in this area, sometimes known as the “dry Heights,” will vote on the measure.

Keep the Heights Dry urges Houston Heights voters to vote against Proposition 1, it says, “to send the strong message to H-E-B that as much as we may want a shiny new grocery store, we don’t feel that it’s a fair deal to give up this important neighborhood protection tool simply because doing so would be easier on that company’s bottom line.”

Just added to the home page of the Keep the Heights Dry website: a list of what the organization terms “myths” about the ballot proposition. If you’re carefully considering the pros and cons of Proposition 1, you’ll want to look it over and see what this side has to say. The organization also publishes updates and opinions on its Facebook page.

Election day is this Tuesday, November 8. Early voting is possible through Friday, November 4.

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