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Furniture from New Living

Furniture from New Living

Today’s serving of Swamplot is brought to you (in part) by New Living. Thanks for sponsoring this site!

New Living is an artisan manufacturer and retailer focused on furniture designed to improve your health and well-being — and make it a little bit easier to relax and live naturally in Houston. The company’s work can be seen across the city, in places like the JW Marriott downtown, Axelrad Beer Garden, and Oxheart.

Founded as an experiment on a single aisle of the Wagner Hardware store on Kirby Dr. in 2007, New Living took over the entire space when Wagner closed a couple of years later. New Living began as a building materials provider but made its way into furniture production — always focused on the environmental health impacts of its products. New Living is a certified B Corp. (or Benefit Corporation); that doesn’t mean its proprietors are socialists, but they aren’t exactly your typical mattress capitalists either. (The Heights store closes for siesta every weekday from 2 to 3 pm. Both locations offer discounted pricing for families from underserved communities with special needs, and neither sells items known to be harmful to human health.)

New Living’s design studio and showroom are located at 6111 Kirby Dr., at the edge of the Rice Village; the company’s healthy bedroom store is located right behind the famed parklet at 321A W. 19th St. in the Heights. If you have an idea for a furniture collaboration and would like to schedule a free design consultation, give them a shout at 713-521-1921. You’ll find more information on the New Living website; you can also follow them on Instagram at @newlivinghouston.

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