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Our thanks today go to crowdfunding platform NextSeed, this site’s Sponsor of the Day. Swamplot appreciates the support!

If it seems like wealthy people have access to more investment opportunities than the non-wealthy — well, that’s because they do: Federal regulations, for example, prohibit persons who earn less than $200,000 a year and have less than $1 million in assets from investing in most private offerings. And even if you make that kind of money, it can be hard to find investments you like — unless you know the right people.

But both the laws and technology have been changing, allowing more people easier access. The state of Texas recently approved new rules that allow Texas residents to invest in Texas businesses through state-approved online platforms.

On NextSeed, people from all over Houston pool their money online to fund a small business. It can be almost any kind of business: a hair salon, a medical center, a restaurant, or a café. In its NextSeed listing, the business tells you what it will use the money for, provides certain financial and other important information, and agrees to pay you back — with interest.

Of course NextSeed doesn’t accept every business that applies. It only lists businesses that pass a careful and systematic review. And you get to decide whether or not to invest. Later, after the funds are successfully raised, the businesses make monthly payments directly into your investment account.

If you visit NextSeed, you can check out the deals that are currently available as well as the deals that have successfully funded in the past. Each investment opportunity is only available for a limited time.

Join as a member today to learn more.

Here are the required disclaimers: NextSeed does not provide any investment advice or recommendation, and does not provide any legal or tax advice with respect to any securities. Any offers and sales of securities appearing on NextSeed are limited to persons that are Texas residents.

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