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Chapman & Kirby Gastrolounge Under Construction, 2118 Lamar St., East Downtown, Houston

Chapman & Kirby Gastrolounge Under Construction, 2118 Lamar St., East Downtown, Houston

Today on Swamplot our Sponsor of the Day is crowdfunding site NextSeed. Thanks for the continued support!

Construction on Chapman & Kirby (a premium gastrolounge launching at 2118 Lamar St. in East Downtown) is underway — as part of the new East Village development lining St. Emmanuel St. between Lamar and Polk. The building will have a rooftop deck installed; the original roof is being completely removed. The second photo above shows some of the downtown skyline view that will be available from the top.

The Chapman & Kirby team raised more than $440K from local residents who invested on NextSeed. In addition to earning interest on their investments, members will also be receiving VIP perks for being among the first involved in the development. Mazen Baltagi, one of the principals of Chapman & Kirby (as well as the owner of multiple Christian’s Tailgate and Saint Dane’s locations), says the group wanted to “get the community involved from the ground up.” The goal was to allow local investors the opportunity to grow with the business and share a vested interest in its success.

The investment opportunities listed on NextSeed are available to all Texas residents. But don’t worry if you missed out on this particular investment: You can sign up on NextSeed to be ready for what’s coming next. 

Disclaimer: NextSeed does not provide any investment advice or recommendation, and does not provide any legal or tax advice with respect to any securities. Any offers and sales of securities appearing on NextSeed are limited to persons that are Texas residents.

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