Swamplot Sponsor: Plan Downtown and Downtown District

Swamplot’s sponsor today is Plan Downtown and the Downtown District, to remind you about tomorrow’s Plan Downtown workshops. Thanks to both for supporting this site!

This Wednesday, July 12th, Plan Downtown will be conducting 4 separate sessions of public workshops about the future of Downtown — in the Crystal Ballroom at the Rice, at 909 Texas Ave. Downtown. The workshops will consist of conversations about how Downtown Houston can better serve its residents, visitors, commuters, the city of Houston, and the region. Feedback gathered at these events will inform Plan Downtown, a 20-year vision plan that will outline recommendations for planning, development, and design within and around Downtown Houston.

If you care about Downtown and have ideas to share, you’ll want to attend. Details and workshop schedules are listed in the poster above — and on this page of the Plan Downtown website.

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