Swamplot Sponsor: Plan Downtown and Downtown District

Screenshot of My Downtown, Houston

Today’s sponsors are the Downtown District and Plan Downtown — this time introducing an intriguing new online platform (see screenshot above) for understanding how different people use Downtown. Thanks for supporting Swamplot!

How does one begin to understand how people experience a neighborhood or community? Ask questions — and trust that people will answer!

Plan Downtown is kicking off its public engagement phase with the launch of an interactive online tool that encourages anyone who visits Houston’s city center to give feedback about his or her experience. The digital survey, My Downtown, seeks to understand the lifestyle patterns of all types of people who visit the city. Designed by Boston- and Shanghai-based planning agency Sasaki, My Downtown leads users through guided mapping activities to understand key destinations (where people spend time in Downtown for nightlife, dining, arts, recreation, events and shopping) as well as transportation habits (where they park, walk, drive, take transit, and bike).

“The idea comes from the concepts of itineraries and personas,” Sasaki Associate Brad Barnett says. “What does ‘a day in the life’ in Downtown Houston look like?”

As the data is collected, the information will be used to map habits and patterns. Are there common corridors that need more infrastructure support? How do drivers and cyclists enter Downtown? Where do people spend their time? Which areas already see heavy use, and which are brimming with potential? What can Plan Downtown address to better support all these activities?

The Plan Downtown team isn’t just looking for a magic number of people to provide data; it’s hoping to get a range of responses from people who experience Downtown Houston in different ways. That includes current residents (whether they work Downtown or elsewhere), commuters who work Downtown, guests who visit often or occasionally for leisure activities, or out-of-town guests who attend professional conferences or sporting events.

How do you experience Downtown Houston? Tell the Plan Downtown team — by using My Downtown.

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