Swamplot Sponsor: TechSpace Houston

Swamplot’s sponsor today is Westchase coworking space TechSpace Houston. Thanks for supporting this site!

Since Harvey struck, TechSpace Houston has been busy re-settling displaced companies that lost access to their offices in the wake of this tragic storm. Several Houston-based companies have moved into TechSpace and have been able to get their operations back up and running. (The second photo above shows a recent new-company orientation onsite.)

If Harvey left you without a good place to get your work done, TechSpace Houston is ready to help — and still has space available. TechSpace Houston can provide companies and individuals an effective workplace solution for as short or as long as needed.  Just contact them and let them know how they can help.

Helping out with Houston’s Harvey recovery? Reach the people you need to reach — by becoming a Swamplot Sponsor of the Day.

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