Swamplot Sponsor: The Classic

Sponsoring Swamplot today: The Classic, located at 5922 Washington Ave — at the edge of Rice Military. Thanks for supporting this site!

An unabashedly American restaurant, The Classic has something for everyone. This fresh American bistro is perched just east of Memorial Park. It’s brought to you by Benjy Levit — the restaurateur behind Local Foods and Benjy’s.

The Classic is a no-rush, no-fuss neighborhood spot. It pivots neatly from brunch to date-night cachet. Enjoy The Classic’s wide-ranging all-day menu — featuring subtle flavors and techniques that have traveled here across oceans and generations. In the light-filled interior you’ll find a touch of retro.

Check out The Classic’s menu and hours, reviews, pics of its interior and dishes, or make reservations on the restaurant website.

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