Swamplot Sponsor: The Co-Op HTX on NextSeed

Rendering of The Co-Op HTX, 2007 Commerce St., East Dowtown, Houston

Today’s Sponsor is East Downtown co-working space The Co-Op HTX, now raising investment funds on crowdfunding platform NextSeed. Thanks for supporting Swamplot!

The Co-Op HTX now officially ranks as the first-ever Houston business able to accept investment from across the U.S. under Regulation Crowdfunding. The offering is now posted on NextSeed. And — thanks to the new national regulations governing the investment — this post can now legally link to the offering directly. (And, uh, you can click on that link too.)

Sandy Tran and Anne Le, the duo behind sugary gathering spots Sweet (in CityCentre) and Tout Suite (at 2001 Commerce St. in East Downtown), have been growing the concept behind their café and dessert operations. They’re now joining the co-working movement by launching The Co-Op HTX, right next door to their well-trafficked Tout Suite spot. With their NextSeed offering, they’re issuing an open invitation to anyone who wants to be involved in their growth.

NextSeed is a national crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to invest funds in private businesses and start seeing financial returns. The public can invest in places they already love or in new concepts they want to see in their area. Between its Texas affiliate and its new national platform, NextSeed has facilitated more than $2 million in Texas small business investments over the past year.

So who can invest? Anyone. Recent changes in the law now make it possible for people of all income levels to join entrepreneurs in creating new concepts for their cities. NextSeed carefully reviews every deal before presenting an opportunity to investors on its website. Investors don’t need deep pockets to get involved — you can invest as little as $100. On NextSeed’s platforms, Houstonians are empowered to invest in local bars, restaurants, salons, and other places they’re excited about.

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