Kitchen 713 Meets Its End; The Latest Apartments Planned for Sawyer; Harrisburg Dry Cleaner Muralized

Photo of Arne’s Warehouse: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Once again, here’s that photo of Arne’s. Does it go with any of the posted articles?

  • @Nikolas …. possibly a covert, paid advertisement given the time of year

  • You know that picture of Jesus guiding Trump’s pen? That’s how weird this Beto hagiography looks to the other side.

    The guy’s a talented politician who had the good sense to marry into a billionaire property empire (a swamplot angle!); he’s not the messiah. The hero worship is a bit much. That mural’s gonna look weird when he loses on Tuesday.

  • That is one demonic looking “Jesus”

  • @Angostura
    I’ll take an almost-playful and tongue-in-cheek mural portraying Beto as a quasi-superhero any day over that creepy Trump/Jesus mashup you linked to.
    “Jesus? You mean Hay-soos? Great doorman, the best! But then one day he wouldn’t collapse my umbrella for me so I had to fire him. Sad!”
    And frankly, I don’t care what things look like to the “other side.” A group that has shown time and time again that they are on the wrong side of history—and decency—on social issues, and will continue to be so, does not deserve sympathy. This religious overzealousness con game by the right (of which that link is the perfect example) needs to go away completely.

  • If it was tongue and cheek his face would be his mug shot.

  • Beto mural is painted on OSB panels

  • Oops, I meant cheeky. Sorry.
    I was just trying to convey the message of the artists—in the linked article, one of them literally said that they “hope people don’t take it too seriously.”
    That attitude is of course in stark contrast to the Trump/Jesus composition from the link Angostura provided, which I’m sure served some sort of propagandist role to further the idea with the religious right that Trump is “a man of Jesus.” The distinction between the intent of each was the only point I was trying to make.