The Flood Damage Count; Touring the Second Ward; Helicopter Rides for Stewart Beach

Mural, Yale St. Market, Yale St., Houston Heights

Photo of Yale St. Market: Brie Kelman


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  • Helicopter rides? Well why not, add it to the list of things wrong with Galveston. Some people are now claiming they own the beaches, now you will fight traffic to get there from Houston, fill up the parking meters, risk your health by entering water which has a bad reputation for harboring flesh eating bacteria, and have to listen to the noise pollution from the helicopters. This isn’t Malibu, what exactly will there be to see? It used to be a fun place to visit years ago, even with the tar balls on the beach!

  • The Woodlands Development Company continues to strip the golden goose.

  • I have mixed feelings about Greenspoint.

    I have worked in three different Greenspoint offfices, all very different from each other in building age, upkeep, access and general coolness. The one thing they all had in common was a prevalence of workers living in the northern suburbs, and cheap rent. I made a good living there for a number of years, but after working downtown, I could never go back to working in a sub-par suburban wanna-be pseudo-downtown. The City of Houston does a great job of maintaining roads and beautification of intersections and the medians in the area. But no one who works there lives there, and after dark it reverts to ghetto crimeville. It’s close to IAH, pretty during the day, convenient ti the northern burbs, and has a ton of high quality office infrastructure built into it, but gets its life blood drained by sprawl and urban decay.