The Largest Lease Downtown So Far This Year; Houston Bike Plan Passes


Photo of Spring Branch: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • 4 council members voted against the bike plan and ot has no way to be funded. The plan is just symbolic fluff for the bike voters.

  • Re: Houston Bike Plan
    Just for grins, I went to the official Bike Plan website and found the estimated cost per mile. For the “Full Bike Network” or 1,789 miles, the range is between $335,000,000 and $552,000,000.
    Taking the low number of $335,000,000, this comes out to $187,255 per mile. Food for thought. (Reference: Figure 6.14 on Page 6-34)

  • @ Commenter7: “funding parnters are BikeHouston, Houston Parks Board, Houston-Galveston Area Council, TxDOT, Federal Transit Administration and Federal Highway Administration.”

  • HoustonReader- How long has it been since you had a big ol bowl of Wolf Brand Chili? Well that’s too long!

    This is one big farce to make the Mayor and the council members who voted for it look good.

  • 30 years to carry out a death sentence. Houston, we have a problem.