The Last Days of Texas City’s Fork & Spoon; No More Lighting Up in Houston Public Parks


Photo of Millennium High Street: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Do-gooders are never satisfied. They just can’t stand to even see someone puffing on a cig in public. Nasty sub-human smokers!!

  • Never have been a smoker but I mean seriously banning smoking in a freakin park? Annise, Does that include the hallmark of your term–the parklet? Good God woman and CMs do you EVER do anything serious? Fix the goddamn streets!!!

  • Re: smoking ban in parks

    I’m conflicted about this one. I probably inhale more carcinogens from a pile of smoldering, lighter-fluid soaked charcoal in a city-provided barbecue pit than from a whiff of second-hand cigarette outdoors (not including the smoke from the mystery-meat wieners on the grill). On any holiday weekend, this petroleum-charcoal smell hovers in the parks like a low-hanging cloud.

    I tend to lean libertarian in these matters. However, I have been jogging and biking in Hermann Park when I passed a smoker and it did actually bother me and affect my breathing rhythm. I remember wondering why you would go for a nice walk in the park on an exercise trail, and smoke along the way. Either way, I quite smoking 7 years ago so meh…not my problem anymore.

  • They are getting ready for the legalized pot withe the outdoor ban on smoking.