The Link Between Buyouts and ‘White Flight’ in Houston; A One-Day Preview of the Grand Texas Theme Park

Photo of the Lyric Market: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I thought we were done with white flight. I’m surprised to see this continue.

  • Until we require people whose homes are bought out to stay nearby, we will be dealing with white flight. Perhaps there ought to be a law.

  • What’s worse, white flight or gentrification? Moving out or moving in you’re guilty of something with either one.

  • Comment of the day from @jgriff. Love to see someone people try to spin this

  • Really Swamplot? White flight.. How about stories about other races who continue to engage in subtle and NOT so subtle bigoted / racist behavior , etc?

  • That’s the point jgriff. It’s their fault because aren’t the right kind of star belly sneetch.

  • the term snowflakes comes to mind, yeah?

  • Well, the source is Houston Public Media. I expect this from them & Urban Edge, intentionally driving the wedge even further. Whenever I see they’re the source, I’m expecting to read slanted articles.