The Most Expensive Houston Homes of 2016; Breaking Down the Super Bowl Boost


Photo of Local Foods Downtown: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Where the Anticipated $350M Generated by the Super Bowl Will Go [KHOU]

    A great deal of it should go to beautification projects throughout the city…like burying the remainder of hideous transmission and power/utilities lines that blight the city (especially along our major streets, boulevards and thoroughfares), and especially those on leaning wooden beams that look like they’re about to fall into the street. It’s time to bury the remainder of these eyesores, especially those that interrupt beautiful panoramas. Use some of the money as well for desperately needed street/road repair, and sidewalk repair and the installation of more sidewalks throughout the city, with more landscaping and tree plantings along medians and streetsides. Houston needs to create greater and more beautiful streetscapes and cityscapes with the money.

  • Re: TPWD Sinks Old Ship Off Galveston Coast To Create Artificial Reef

    Release the Kraken! LOL … just had to say it :-D

  • Another entitlement editorial from Urban Edge?

  • Re: Where the Anticipated $350M Generated by the Super Bowl Will Go
    Trickle down economics at its finest: let big business reap the majority and hope it trickles down to the average Joe. As a private citizen, I’m “enjoying” the fresh new pavement striping on South Main near the South Loop and all of the signs around NRG Park.