The Next Lake Houston Subdivision; Tracking Houston Traffic

Photo of Yia Yia Mary’s: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • City is paying $23M (33 minus 10 from the feds) to duplicate what we can get for free from Google maps on our smartphones. Face meet palm.

  • Re: City Council Considers $33.6 Million on Traffic-Tracking Boondoggle Contract
    The article’s closing quote was perfect: “Sally Rabe, 41, who “religiously” checks Waze, said more information would help, though she worries Houston is putting too much faith in computers to cure traffic.
    “We need more buses,” Rabe said, “not smarter drivers.”
    Even the dude whose office put together the grant proposal said that he really doesn’t know if it will be as dramatically helpful as those on the freeways. Shoot first, draw target around bullet later – way of thinking.

  • For those without a HBJ subscription

  • We’re paying for 91 more electronic nanny signs telling us to hang up and drive, or don’t drink and drive. YAYYY

  • RE: Traffic Tracking Devices…. I’ll believe the “respond by adjusting traffic signals” once I experience it. It takes days if not weeks for the city to get downtown traffic signals back in sync once they are out of sync. An those are supposed to already be on a controlled system of sorts.