The Petroleum Club’s New Digs; Touring the New Hobby Terminal; Fire Ant Brewing in Tomball


Photo of Houston Club building: Christopher Andrews via Twitter


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  • And just where are these 175,000 “anglos” going in the next 35 years?

  • Please tear down the dome, put it out of its misery already.

  • Went to 60 Degrees on Saturday for the first time. Had no idea they were closing down for good the following day. I bet many businesses on that part of Westheimer and much of Shepherd are hurting bad with the never-ending construction.

  • @RJ Florida, Arizona or the ground.

  • Gosh, won’t they ever just tear down the Astrodome? No one outside Houston cares about it, as evidenced by all these national articles that turn up on Swamplot.