The Return of Krispy Kreme; Bacliff’s Weirdest Building Up for Grabs

Ice Skating Rink, Discovery Green, Downtown Houston

Photo of Discovery Green’s ice-skating rink: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Ever since the website redo, the picture and organization quality has gone down. I mean, even the swamplot pixelations is bad in the recent stories segment (which idk it exists at the top instead of on the side).

    I may not be joined in my opinion on layout, but you cannot argue that the pictures look ALOT WORSE and I am dissapointed.

  • The whole website seems 100 times slower, and there are still constant DNS error especially when clicking on comment link. I also liked when the posts were numbered, so when there’s a lot of them, you can find your last point quickly without having to read them.

  • Agreed. Can the “ADD YOUR COMMENT …” be moved below the actual comments?

  • Just a mess.. more confusing website now. and it doesnt even remember my info so i have to retype it to comment each time.

    Did anyone have complaints about the original? I never heard any. I am more about HAIF now anyway.

  • I havent experience any of the above?

  • I don’t know what you guys are on about, the redesign hasn’t given me an issues at all.