The Rusting of Galveston’s Cast-Iron Relics; New Prairie Parkway Offering Free Rides in January

Entrance to Memorial City Mall, Houston

Photo of Memorial City Mall entrance: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The new Red Line north extension is now open, but who will ride it? If MERTO wanted a rail failure to squash any future of rail expenditures in the city then they couldn’t have chosen three better routes than this extension, the East and the Southeast lines … the demographics just won’t support them. The only viable line that was proposed, the University Line from UofH to the Galleria, won’t be built as these three lines will definitively show that “rail doesn’t work in Houston”. The car lobby has won ……

  • I’m confident that a good part of that 15.2% water loss occurred on my block, where the City has been playing Whack-a-Mole with water main breaks all year. One break had water gushing down the curb and into the drain for 3 weeks before it was fixed.

  • If the University line is “the only viable line” then you’re right, rail doesn’t work in Houston.

  • I am excited to seen the new rail like, but at $756 million? That number makes me not quite as excited anymore.