The Top-Selling Houston Homes of 2013; Cruises with a Virtual View

north boulevard

Photo of North Boulevard: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The balconies may be virtual, but the norovirus is still real

  • As cheesy as it might sound to some, I think the virtual window idea is a great one for cruise ships or windowless rooms in hotels. For best results, it should be a live feed from the camera 24/7; not video sometimes or other things.
    I don’t think it should replace windows for natural light in dwelling units or offices mind you, just hotels and cruise ships.

  • The next step for me is a virtual cruise, where I turn my bedroom into a virtual cruise stateroom and just watch a video of the cruise experience on my TV.

  • I wonder where they got their data for the top most expensive homes sold last year… Because I know two properties not on it (that went for more than the lowest on that list)