Mansion Flats Reincarnated; What a Homeless Campground Might Cost


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  • The idea of the homeless camp is to be able to pass an ordinance banning panhandling and vagrancy (requires to provide an alternative), I’m all for that, but they have to make sure to put it in the worst part of town with reasonable access to downtown government services. East End comes to mind.

  • Haven for Hope is basically a regular shelter that happens to have outdoor sleeping. Hence the cost. What you need is cheap land where people can bring their own tents and maybe hack together a lean-to. It can’t be too convenient (because it becomes a “pull” factor for homeless from other cities) but it needs to be on a transit line (so people can get to jobs and services). Some place like Oates Road, which is damn near out to Crosby, but has an hourly bus that goes to supermarkets, an HCC campus, and LBJ Hospital.

  • Homeless people go to college? And they shop at supermarkets? Never knew that.

  • It would be cheaper for the city to purchase land out past Katy and build this camp, then have Metro offer daily bus rides in for wok, not panhandling, WORK.

  • “it needs to be on a transit line (so people can get to jobs and services). ”

    Jobs? LMAO …. “We don’t need no stinking jobs!”

  • Re: Homeless Camp
    Simply ridiculous! That is nuts for San Antonio to squander $100M on building a camp then having to spend $23M a year to operate it. For that kind of money, they could have bought one-way bus tickets to LA for the homeless – and have money to spare.
    LA just passed a voter-approved tax to raise $1 Billion to build homeless housing. Talk about a nanny state: voters levying the tax on themselves to pay for bums to have actual housing. I’m sure the housing won’t be nice for very long and they will have to shovel more cash into that. I guess they think that the sucker paying for it is always the other guy, when it is really themselves. “No, thank you” to our local homeless camp.

  • Re: Balls Out Burger
    aAAccckk! gag! Tspistszzz!
    Another hipster burger place being built in Shady Acres. As if trifecta (The Boot, Mc Alisters and Cedar Creek) of parking hell on W19th and W20th St. Between TCJ and Durham was not bad enough. Not to mention the town home farms (aka Millenial shotgun shacks) and other signs of gentrification ( cars like Aston Martin, Porsche and Ferrari that are more expensive than my house being parked on the street) don’t make you want to toss your cookies.

    Come on Historic Houston / Heights Preservation people, you failed to stop the Yale St bridge. So rally the troops and let’s all have a protest / boycott. 1, 2, 3….Keep the Shady in Shady Acres.

    Next thing you know they will be putting a craft beer brewery in a old meat warehouse, or something crazy like that….

  • lol, Sudhoff? That guy is still around? Of all the shady guys I’ve met in this business, that guy takes the cake. If I were a betting man I’d assume enough people would have seen though that guys fake front and he’d have been driven out of town.
    I guess if you’re slick enough you can always find new suckers to keep the doors open

  • I like the idea of a homeless camp for Houston. We’ve already got a purpose built structure that has housed people in distress before. We are already paying millions of dollars a year in upkeep for a useless building. Showers, bathrooms, food prep, these services all already exist in this space. We’ve got a round peg, let’s just fit it into the round hole.
    The Astrodome is the perfect building to house our homeless!

  • You forgot the $ after the HBJ links.

  • Nix on homeless shelters, instead tap foreign antifa $ by busing them nationwide as professional protesters. Homeless get non-taxpayer – funded training, professional jobs that are privately funded and they’re back to work.

    Agree need to be near public transit but don’t we have enough unpaid riders hiding from work and weather on the light rail?