The ‘Weakening’ Houston Apartment Market; Inside the Texas Medical Center’s New Biotech Lab

1885 Saint James Place construction

Photo of 1885 Saint James Place construction: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Houston has been a biotech and drug development dud for decades, as people in that field find the east and west coasts far more congenial. Nevertheless, I wish success for JLabs and other such efforts taking place at TMC. In a related vein, TMC is striving to create uniform, cross-institutional human subjects approval (IRB) procedures, which will greatly facilitate clinical trials (and enhance commercialization).

  • But wait, where are all of the “Houston’s real estate is still booming” crowd proclaiming “Remain calm, all is well!” ?????

  • Thankfully the taxpayers haven’t subsidized a pending wave of new apartment construction in downtown alone!

    How long until you can get three months free at SkyHouse, et al? Frankly seems like it could be a good opportunity to “buy low” for those wishing to rent a brand new Class A apartment inside the loop some time in the next 6-12 months.

  • Sky high rents were a major problem in this city during the boom. Singles who didn’t work in the oil and gas industry couldn’t afford new apartments. Two bedroom apartments were out of sight so if you have just one kid who needs a room, good luck.

    I see declining rental prices as a big positive. I hope people can enjoy it for the time being. Ridiculous rents is what caused me to buy. As long as the complexes don’t get rundown, I have no sympathy if they are taking a hit since they gouged us for years.