The Woodlands Gets a Costco; A Model Train Room in Meyerland

Construction of Parking Garage, Rusk and Milam Streets, Downtown Houston

Photo of parking garage construction, Rusk and Milam, Downtown: Swamplot inbox


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  • “And everyone seems to be very nostalgic about rail.” Sums it up diplomatically…

    However: if private money can get us this far, and people are already starting to talk about a Texas metropolitan region, then public money needs to take it the next step so that we’re talking about a proper Maglev system in a depressurized tube so that commuting between cities could be accomplished in 45 minutes instead of 90 minutes, and so that we’re talking about downtown-to-downtown connections. It won’t be cheap, but if it is a strategic objective that this distance is realistic for a commuter, then it will need to be high-performance infrastructure and the ticket price will need to be subsidized.

    I happen to think that it’s worth it, and especially to tie together all of the big cities. Taking it a notch further, my wet dream is that each of the major airports would be consolidated to the junction of such a system, which would then easily become the largest and best connected airport in the world.