This One Time, at GreenCamp

If you’ve seen and followed the ads running on this page all this week, you may be aware that Swamplot is a sponsor of GreenCamp Houston ’08 at the Houston Technology Center this weekend. GreenCamp is an “unconference” — a freeform, participant-run event in the (relatively brief) tradition of BarCamp — that will focus on “green” initiatives in and around Houston: sustainability, renewable energy, energy conservation, material reuse, and all that kinda stuff.

GreenCamp is entirely free, as in — and yes, including — free lunch. However, the program is limited to 200 participants. It’ll take place this Saturday, December 13th, from 9 am to 4 pm at 410 Pierce St. in upper Midtown.

You can sign up to attend, or find out more about the event, on the GreenCamp website.