Tiger Woods Golf Course Resort Homes Almost Ready; ‘We Heart Houston’ Sign Could Be on the Move


Photo: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Its pretty ironic that the sign declaring our love of Houston cannot stand being next to the now standard 3 story townhome design in the inner loop. Those townhomes behind the “We heart Houston” sign are an eye sore still.

  • Mr.Clean19, you’re a little bit behind the times. The standard townhome in 77006/77098 is now 4 stories. There’s even a little set of 5 story THs not too far from Takara So.

  • Is it wrong of me to hope Adickes moves the sign to Dallas?

  • The “We <3 Houston" sign should have been put in one of the many parks along Buffalo Bayou, with the skyline as the backdrop. Or, in one of the MANY plazas we have Downtown. OR in front of City Hall.

    Nah, let's put it on a freeway bank a few feet from some ugly townhouses where only drivers on I-10 can catch a quick glimpse on their morning commute while loving the stop and go traffic.

  • @Montrose1100, the Adickes sign/art actually was there shortly before the townhouses went up behind it.

  • Just to be clear though, isn’t the sign still privately owned making a public parcel a non-option for now? I’d agree it would be best placed somewhere for photo-ops, but I’ve always assumed the sign was intended as more of a piece of advertising for his business as much as anything else.

  • While the art piece is privately owned, I’m sure any of the public parks would gladly make room for it since it would draw foot traffic to the given park. As an Inner Looper, I can testify that the Inner Loop has grown too crowded.
    That being said, if it is a magnet for cars and people, then I’d like it placed somewhere in the far reaches of Houston suburbia (but still within the city limits by a foot).
    George Bush Park (far west), Brock Park (NE), or El Franco Lee Park (SE Beltway near 45 South) are all inside the city limits yet far from the madding crowd of the inner city.