Top Comments of the Week: Sofia?

So much info and action in the Swamplot comments sections! Some highlights from the past week:

  • “Dude, What Gives?”: Cafe Artiste’s Disappearing Act
    From vox: “If you’re in the neighborhood you’ll notice that the new owners have finally painted over the last of the Cafe Artiste murals. We heard that the same folks who own/run Shade are opening a new, upscale restaurant there to be named ‘Sofia’. The new business should open in the next month or so.”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Game Room
    From Brad: “TEXtured ceiling, Longhorns and Lone Stars on the stair kickboards, horned trophies galore… lemme guess, a black 1970 Firebird in the garage to drive Sally Field across the state? This is Burt Reynold’s Smokey bachelor pad? There is even a kid’s bedroom for when Daddys L’il Girl is home for his vistation with dad.”
  • Discovery Tower Discovery Green Discoveries
    From Jim: It’s kind of freaky how none of the people in the video are moving until we get to the building’s front door, where some of them are moving and others aren’t. You can almost imagine the conversation in the office upstairs: ‘Miss Reynolds, the mannequins are back.’”
  • The Rumors Circling Around Royce Builders
    From GoogleMaster: “If you can’t come up with $3500 at the drop of a hat, you have no business buying a house. Wait till something important needs to be replaced, like the A/C or the roof. Or the washer, dryer, and refrigerator all decide to die in the same month. That $3500 will seem like a pittance. BTW, my house has a little bit of a lean, too, but that’s because it’s 70 years old. Perhaps you meant lien?”