UberX Launches in Houston; A John Varvatos in the Galleria

i-45 overpass

Photo of I-45: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • amazing work to everyone that a hand in Mandell Park. Will always consider myself an ex-castle court resident of 7-yrs (though my old residence was just recently demolished a month ago) and the park was a true gem to have so close. i guess in good and bad, all the new complexes and developments will get to siphon off the pleasures of a lot of people’s hard work but at least many more residents will have access to more green space.

  • looking at the article regarding cuts to the fire stations now, correct if I’m wrong, but didn’t Parker try to institute reforms a long long time ago to adjust benefits so as to clear up more overhead for the hiring of new perosnnel with the ultimate goal of reducing costly overtime charges? haven’t we been able to get the police department to move in this direction and the fire department are the only hold outs? If that’s clearly the safer budget model to go with for the residents of Houston to help prevent dangerous situations as they’re proposing now then why have we still not moved in that direction?