UH Basketball Arena Renovation Moves Forward; Inside Ashlar Commons in Montrose

Houston Via Colori 2015

Photo of Houston Via Colori 2015: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Anonymous $20 million gift for UH athletics? Have a sneaking suspicion that Mr Fertitta is involved.

  • So, all that noise and activity and handsome new erection at the corner of Scott and Holman is NOT the Hofheinz Pavilion reno? There’s more? Like $60m more? Or is this regent’s action a kind of post-approval? I’ve really got to pay closer attention to this stuff.

  • That elm tree is across the street from me. i’m surprised it’s still healthy enough to fight over. Before Ike came thru it had the most beautiful canopy/crown. Big and round. I used to call it “The Dancing Tree”, when the wind would blow through it looked like the tree was dancing. The morning after Ike, I looked out my window and most of the top had been ripped off. I cried. The owner that had the lot then, never had anyone to come out and do anything to the shredded limbs. I thought for sure it would die. So, across the street neighbor lady, ***waves*** I hope you win.

  • Thankfully I live in a neighborhood where my neighbors value my right to do with my property as I please and don’t really bother me about stuff like this. reading that story about the person complaining that someone is cutting a tree in their yard makes me hot under the collar.
    I almost wish someone had told me I couldn’t cut down the tree in my backyard because it provided lower energy bills for them. I would love the opportunity to laugh at someone in their face. Honestly, I’d be fair and civil. I’d offer, if they want me to keep the tree they can pay me a maintenance fee. This fee would include the water, pruning, time, money I have to spend on vegetables that I can’t grow in my backyard because this tree is blocking all the sunlight. So yeah, that’d go over like a lead balloon. Guess I’m back to laughing in the person’s face and cutting the tree down.

  • @Toasty: If it’s half on her property, I think she should have some say over it. If this were about a fence that was half on her property line, she’d have a say. In reality, I don’t think there’s much she can do much to stop the bulldozer. Even if they agreed face to face, they could always butcher the tree’s roots while she’s not paying attention and blame on a random subcontractor.

  • Re: Pelican Builders Opens First Model Units in Luxury Residential Project Ashlar Commons in Montrose

    They appear to have all the curbside charisma of a brown paper bag. It really makes me wonder who has so little taste to actually buy one….

  • Man, you weren’t kidding about those Ashlar commons townhouses. Those are about as generic as you can get. I get that the land is expensive, but asking nearly 1 million dollars for a bathroom that uninspired is ridiculous.