UH’s Katy Expansion; What It’s Really Like to Walk in Houston; ‘Urban Cowboy’ for TV

Demolition of Kirby Court Apartments, 2612 Steel St., Upper Kirby, Houston

Photo of Kirby Court Apartments demolition: Swamplot inbox


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  • I find it really hard to believe that the chronicle published the proloque to the rant on houston’s walkability by David Dorantes. Swamplot giving it readership is also a bit disappointing.

    “In Houston everything is distant: manners, camaraderie, tolerance, respect for differences, lack of driver education, charity, sincere friendship, solidarity, honor, dignity, sense of humor, conversations, solidarity.”

    Please. Houston is an amazing place with an unassuming acceptance of innumerable cultures. Its unique and why should we want to fit in a mold? The author not being able to find sincere friendship, based on this sniveling rant, seems like a personal problem reflective of his personality. What an insult for our hometown paper to publish that drivel.

  • Hate to break it to metro, but they didnt make the bus system any better. I used the side x side comparison on a few of my routes, it was a few minutes longer…

  • Personally I find it a good sign that the Chron would publish an article on a fellow’s critique of our fair city. I for one welcome criticism of the overall lack of walkability especially inside the loop. Only through being exposed to discordant points of view is dialogue fostered and sharper insights gained IMHO.

  • I am always looking for other perspectives but the author exposed the fact that they are a hater so I wont be taking anything from that read.