Weingarten Expands River Oaks Footprint; Tales from Houston’s Freeways


Photo: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The Davis mansion was neither the largest nor the most expensive house in Houston in 1933.

  • Bullet train remains a textbook scam for handful of traveling salesmen to come up with a fancy story to bilk investors out of money for as long as possible and then blame the failure of the project on “prevailing legislative opposition” or “unforeseen market forces”. That’s why they keep throwing unrealistic numbers around in face of basic arithmetic proving the contrary.

  • i love the houstonia picture

  • Anyone know exactly which 2 free-standing buildings Weingarten has purchased? I know about Pier One, but what is the other one, the rug store or the realty shop?

  • Love the Houstonia picture. They are just missing the chariot rims.

  • I was wondering the same thing @Joel. Maybe it’s the Define/Mens Wearhouse/Nail Salon building?

  • It looks like there’s more info posted on Weingarten’s plans for the RO Shopping Center: Weingarten to add 30-story tower to River Oaks Shopping Center. http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Weingarten-to-add-30-story-tower-to-River-Oaks-10951133.php

  • Does Houston really need another 30-story monstrosity? Especially in River Oaks. West Gray is already clogged enough as it is, and now Weingarten plans to add to that by adding a high-rise. Not to mention the construction is going to put a crimp in a lot of business in the area.

  • @ commonsense: I myself am uninterested in investing in TCR, however I can think of no good reason to prohibit any such form of private investment in the capital stock of the State of Texas whatsoever. The funds will undoubtedly originate mostly from outside of the State, so let it be. Welcome the billions of dollars. If there is a problem with eminent domain laws for railroads, reform those; and so on and so forth. If the project is bad as a consequence of bad public policy which enables it, then attack the public policy forever and for all time.

  • @TheNiche, I wasn’t atacking the concept of a project like this per se, especially if only private funds are at risk, I was saying that this particular group of people have no intention to actually DO this project, merely string along investors for as long as possible and fleece them out of money. “The Producers” con 101.

  • Fleecing investors as long as possible is preferable to what Brown is doing to the taxpayers of California for his train that makes less sense than does the TCR.