Westchase District’s Media Blitz; Harvest Green’s Backyard Vegetable Garden Amenity

Alexan Wilcrest

Photo of Alexan Wilcrest at I-10 Frontage Rd. and N. Wilcrest Dr.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Color me underwhelmed on that backyard vegetable garden thing.
    I clicked the link with visions of irrigation, and soil moisture sensors, and a heavy duty bed.
    In a world where you can spec stainless everything, granite everywhere, and all sorts of high end finishes, I’m shocked that they drop in what can’t be more than $100 in a crappy raised bed. Way to go 1/8 of the way on what was a great idea.
    This is like saying that they will wire your house for ethernet, but when you see it, it’s a $20 5 port hub with only one drop punched through one wall. Very underwhelming.
    I guess on the other hand, good effort, I can’t think of the last time (ever) that I heard of a home builder offering to put in a raised garden. I just would have expected a bit more, especially considering most homes drop in irrigation for the lawn, why not offer the same for a raised bed, even if it is just a cheap kit you can get at lowes/HD for super cheap?

  • So treated 2x’s creating a box to dump dirt is a selling point and worthy of a Chronicle article?
    1- Sarnoff has no material
    2-Another reason the Chronicle should go.
    3-Builder’s cost-$300.00. Idiot buyer’s cost- $5000.00