What FEMA’s Does With Its Used Disaster Trailers; Origins of the Texas Feeder Road Turnaround

Photo of KPRC, 8181 Southwest Fwy.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Texas Turnarounds are awesome. I wish other places had them; it’s stunning how craptastic urban freeways are in other parts of the USA.

  • That wired article was pretty cool but what a terrible design choice on their page. The greenish blue highlighter for links? The same odd color when highlighting text. I wonder who came up with that?

  • After reading the Texas Turnaround article, I am so glad that we have these to the envy of other states. I love the things since one doesn’t have to wait to make two left-turns to get to a business on the other side.
    My favorite one? Coming south off of South Post Oak, exit West Bellfort, use turnaround, then access road to Walmart.

  • I have grown to love and use Texas turnarounds all the time. In the Northeast we don’t even have Texas sized highways and no frontage roads to speak of so both are a plus for me to experience. My only beef is when some people on the frontage roads as if they are on the highway.

  • Urban Frontage Roads are the dumbest things ever, especially if you have to make a right hand turn onto the street you exited to (looking at you Southbound 610 and Westhiemer).

  • I also enjoyed the article about Texas Turnarounds, which I have never heard called that. However, the author of the Wired article is clearly not from Texas, since he talks about “frontage roads” instead of “feeder roads”.
    TIL the reason for the existence of the feeder road: “Yet Texas law guarantees property owners access to roads that abut their land, and that includes highways.”

  • @googlemaster, though called “feeder roads” in Houston and SE Texas, they are often called “frontage roads” in DFW and the cities along the I-35 corridor.

  • There are several exit signs around town (especially near Beltway 8) that say “FRTG RD”, so someone in Texas is using the “frontage road” term. Every time I see one I whisper “frottage” inside my mind.

  • Memebag for the win.