What Local Think Tanks Think; Is Air Conditioning in Houston a Basic Human Right, or Just Cool?

Flood Damage in Westbury, Houston, May 2015

Photo of Westbury flood aftermath: Swamplot inbox


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  • Gawd, I can’t wait for an honest mattress company with fare, no hassle prices comes along and puts these atrocious eye sores out of business. If I see one more Air Waver I’ll vomit.

  • @Eric, these guys are supposed to be cool, made in Houston: http://www.texasmattressmakers.com/

  • I once had Thanksgiving dinner at the Shamrock’s restaurant, but mostly I remember the sybaritic parties my employer sponsored at the ginormous pool.

  • You pay to park every time you drive onto the NRG/Reliant/Astrodomain parking lot. It’s been that way for fifty years. How do you decide that some event deserves free parking and some other one doesn’t? Whenever the price is lower the event presenter is subsidizing it. You still have the costs of attendants, security, traffic control, and maintenance. I’m all for free parking in general, but it’s never going to happen at NRG, just like it’ll never happen downtown (where graduations are also occasionally held.)

  • Someone actually thought the greedy bass-turds at NRG were going to let them park in their lot for free??

  • Look at the comments of the parking story. The best part of that entire story is that some morons actually blamed NRG, the corporation, for charging. The chronicle is read by a lot of incredibly stupid people.

  • for reals, someone needs to educate them that just because it’s public debt does not mean its public property for the city to use, ever. that’s why only cities with morons have a bunch of these stupid things.

  • parking for graduation…
    I don’t see how this can be put on NRG, HISD chose the venue, and it seems like they didn’t consider the cost of parking. They should have negotiated the price of parking into their overall cost for renting the building for the ceremony. Besides, it’s not like light rail can’t be had for a buck and a quarter, and parking is free on a lot of streets by the light rail line.

  • If land sales increased by 21 percent last year, wouldn’t it be interesting to see the actual sale prices on those parcels here in Houston and match them up with HCAD’s appraisals/assessments. The City of Austin is currently challenging TCAD values shown to be UNDERvalued (undertaxed) by 53 percent in 2014…

  • If the schools didn’t inform parents that parking is not free well shame on them for failing to provide the heads up especially on cash only parking. But to “expect” that parking should be free on non-HISD property? Get real. Parents paid more than $12 each school year for supplies, clothing and in some cases uniforms. A one time $12 fee per car is nothing by comparison! Pick bigger battles people! Honestly!!!

  • ^ It should be around $5 per car, IMO. It’s just a parking space.

  • “Sorry, kid, Daddy doesn’t carry cash. You can graduate next year.”

  • Huh: “it should be $5/car”. Why not $1? Why not $20? What someone ‘feels’ or ‘thinks’ it should cost =! what something costs.