What’s Next for Montalbano Tire Shop; Cannabis Oil Store Opening in Fort Bend; Waffle Bus Will Go Brick and Mortar

Photo of Tinys Milk and Cookies, 3636 Rice Blvd., West University Place: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “A Few of the New Stores and Restaurants Coming to the Galleria This Fall”. Very disappointing – still no “Bork” store opening next to a generic “Restaurant”?! Congrats to those who get that reference.

  • Re: CBD oil
    The type of CBD oil for legal tender in TX is different. It is derived from hemp rather than cannabis. Or something to that nature. It’s not the same type of CBD oil that CO, WA, OR, CA, etc sells.
    Vote Democrat to legalize cannabis. We all know alcohol is a worse drug..

  • Alcohol is worse than pot. Agree. But I’m not voting for dems to get weed as that’s like voting for someone that’s going to chop your head off because you like their shoes.
    Plenty of “new” republicans are more libertarian minded (the way the party should be). And as such, have a more permissive attitude towards what you might want to put in your own damn body.

  • Vote Democrat for hundreds of reasons!

  • @cody: That sounds fantastic and all, but you know the current Republicans running for TX office is against your wishes right? Abbott and Cruz want to control women’s reproductive health and also control gay people from getting marriage benefits. Would you be voting against your party lines so people can have their “own body wishes”?

  • These guys may try to sell themselves as libertarians, and it may fool some suckers out there who really want to believe, but their actions and positions don’t seem to match their marketing. Sure when it comes to consumer and environmental protections these guys don’t want the government to provide any protection, and when it comes to healthcare, they take the position that if you can’t pay, you don’t get healthcare, but when it comes to gays and women and immigrants, they all of the sudden want to be all up in your business. So this tells me that their positions are less about libertarianism and more about appeasing religious zealots and xenophobes in their base (which provides lots of their votes) and catering to the whims of rich donors who don’t want their fortunes taxed and used to protect the poor and the environment (which funds their campaigns). That seems like a more plausible explanation for these positions and more in line with base human nature.

  • R’s have been nothing more than a corporate lobbying group for decades now. What do you guys expect? America is just a cash cow to squeeze dry for them.
    Rather than spend money on stimulus they preferred to harp about deficits and watched many americans fall into irreperable poverty, at least those that weren’t killed in family murder-suicides at least.
    Rather than use that money to help support americans they just passed a massive tax cut for foreign owners of american capital.

  • @Cody
    “a more permissive attitude towards what you might want to put in your own damn body.”
    Apparently, you’re unfamiliar with the Republican party’s views on sodomy laws and same-gender marriage.