Wheatley High School Demo on Hold; Touring Downtown Houston by Drone

1823 old place Sam Houston Park

Photo of 1823 Old Place in Sam Houston Park: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • E-mail to 5th ward community from community leader. Gives a good insight to how the community feels about the school closures. May be too long for the comments:

    If you are interested we are preparing for additional complaints to be filed against HISD and Metro on tomorrow. 9:00am 7450 North Wayside — we will diagram the cycle of tricks and traps employed by elected officials and other agencies to keep us out of the process and economic loop —- to get a copy of our independent report on how HISD’s in house study misrepresented the fazes to close Wheatly, Jones, and all the other 77 schools not including NORTH FOREST that we know of in HISD look under reports from Dr. Wright. If you can’t attend we will send you a copy of the diagram — The Cycle of Theft by Ordinance and Policy. How to protect your neighborhood from Predators of All sorts.

    This email is coming to you for consideration of past and present situations that have plagued the black community since the 1920’s in Houston just to start marking time. Every neighborhood that is considered highly populated black or historically black is under attack. Please don’t go for the trick you are not from here — the people who are from a particular neighborhood and the elected official haven’t fix the problem so what — do you remember NOT IN MY BACK YARD? Now you don’t have a backyard or it has a BULLDOZER waiting to tare something down in your front yard.

    There is a consistent pattern of destruction of access inserted by various levels of government on the black community and implemented by policy and elected representatives. Whether you think that is good or bad that is for you to decide I am only providing some context and content for your review and possible consideration.

    A documentary titled “Hidden Colors” answers questions about economics, politics and education you should view this document or video.

    Fifth Ward may be part of a 3 part lynch pin of Thefts by Ordinances (I published an article in the early 90s on) that includes billions of dollars for the private sector, special interest groups, elected officials, clique members and government like HISD. Good job with the meeting last night? Please consider some of the data and information so that you can be more informed about the dynamics of how we are attacked from the inside and out.


    Please know that HISD and Metro will lie and misrepresent the facts and the truth to get what they want which is your money and land. And they are using some people who you think are working in your best interest.

    HISD 72.6 % of operations budget comes from tax dollars from home owners, renters, and businesses. It doesn’t matter if you have a child in HISD or not. That is just one lie that HISD implies to bamboozle people at meetings.

    These are elected representatives for specific distracts:
    1. The highest number of schools that closed in HISD are in Rhoda Skillings Jones district. 72.6% local tax from tax payers (Hoffman and Galloway) see time line HISD report
    2. The highest number of schools closed federal district are in Sheila Jackson Lee’s distract s
    3. The highest number schools closed in State jurisdiction is Harold Dutton’s distract
    4. The highest number schools closed in State Senate Distract is Rodney Ellis
    5. The highest number of schools closed in federal senate distract is John Cronyn’s
    6. The highest number of schools closed in county distract is El Franco Lee
    7. The highest number of schools closed in HCC S – Bruce Austin was in office
    Remember all board members vote on your issues not just the one that is so called representing you.

    The same VOTERS are suffering from the bullying HISD and are not doing things that have substance they are just talking please ask for documents. What have they done for you or the community lately? Why are black neighborhoods being attacked now and for the past 18 years repeatedly? And they said and did nothing! or what? I am not taking about party events.

    Several categories of tricks that you should watch for:
    • Elected officials trying to take charge of the communities outrage or concern — please get the documentary Hidden Colors to see from 15 research scientist on how elected officials are misrepresenting you, me and representing themselves.
    • A recently community person that may be running for office leads a group
    • The click team members of the elected officials start praising what a good job the elected officials has been doing
    • Consultants come into the picture and some may be from the community to tell you how they are going to fix this situation but they are in on the situation being created that how they get paid.
    • If there is a meeting it is planned before the meeting or there is a discussion between

    Metro and the City are involved to take land by ordinance, or board policy – What’s killing us is not knowing board policy –

    Thanks for your consideration and effort to all to are trying to fix this!

  • I’m always amused by articles that complain about how easy/cheap it is to park in Houston. This is a problem? Our surface lots won’t be around forever, but while they’re here I’m thankful for the cheap and abundant parking that they offer. Another way that Houston is unique among the US and Europe in offering big-city amenities and small-city convenience.

  • @Mr.Clean19: Since when are there federal senate districts? It looks like somebody delegated this to their intern.

  • It’s cool the 5th Ward residents are trying to save Wheatley. What a shock HISD would try to pull a fast one and tear it down on a Labor Day Sunday. Great PR, guys! As for Vin Scully, I thought he was dead.

  • I hardly see this as a racial issue, this happens everywhere. It’s amazing how insular black communities think they are, in reality this sort of think is a problem everywhere. I appaud their effort and respect their indignation, but please lose the racial BS, you’ll lose good will if you continue on this road.