Wortham Theater Center Back in Business; Attic Rodents on the Rise After Harvey

Photo of Cloud Column: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • So Wortham repairs are completed, but the City garage next door still has nothing but construction lights, water leaking in when it rains and the stairs to the tunnel level are inaccessible more than a year later, but they have no qualms about continuing to charge the same monthly parking fee.

  • new flood plain maps will be ready in 2023? how does it take 5 years?

  • I remember when Chelsea market was built. It had an old school Banana Republic where you could get a safari vest and had fake elephant tusks at the entrance. Ate so many meals at the Butera’s there, as well. The development always had some challenges due to the freeway, but sad to see it go. I can’t read the article, but what is the replacement??

  • In the Friday, May 2, 1986, Houston Chronicle, society columnist Maxine Mesinger wrote:
    “THE CHARMING new Chelsea Market on Montrose is having its official opening Saturday and Sunday, and it’s slated to be a continuous party. The Dishes and Paul English’s jazz band will swing out, and there’ll be mimes, fashion shows and complimentary wines. Anthony’s, Butera’s, Arrangements, Banana Republic, Upstairs at Chelsea Market, Outfitters and Sybil are among tenants of the charming center.”

  • I live at The Carter and was recently telling someone how it was hard to believe that in this city, that eyesore of shopping center had not been sold or torn down. Not looking forward to the months of demo and construction, though.

  • @Guillermo //// I hope they decide to put up more homeless housing at the Chelsea Market site, just for you. :)

  • Speaking of eyesores, the Carter is the monstrosity that went in in place of the beautiful 1940 mansion that used to be there. (It was 6200 sf; I think that qualifies.)

  • Swamplot should start doing the year end awards again.
    If they do, “The Carter” gets my vote for the “Most Pretentious High Rise Name, 20 to 29 Stories” category.