Wrecking Ball Meets the Carousel House: Building Well Is the Best Revenge

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfS9gffQoxY 400 330]

What’s that slow, steady thump booming from the corner of Moonlight Dr. and Braesheather in Meyerland?

Why, it’s the sound of a crudely improvised “wrecking ball” fashioned by a frustrated excavator operator, trying to smash the extremely strong foundation of the Carousel House! The foundation refused to break using more conventional techniques.

The Swamplot reader who sent in the video above, taken yesterday, calls it Robert Cohen’s revenge. Cohen designed and built the house for his family in 1964. There are more than 100 piers under that slab. The reader reports that the demolition equipment has apparently broken several times and had to be welded on site or replaced more than once. And so the shovel picks up the “ball,” drops it, then scoops it up again. Demolition is proceeding, uh . . . slowly.