Zoning for the Balinese Room; Signs That a Houston Boom Is Over


Photo of Free Press Summer Festival at Eleanor Tinsley Park: Pooja Lodhia


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  • Lomax is a tease. After headlining about the lack of statues of women in Houston, he only tells us about ONE!! But frankly, I’m surprised at that one he did mention.

  • I was shocked, and happy to see someone is finally trying to figure out what’s going on with 6737 Southwest Freeway. I’ve driven past it every day since 2007 and I’ve always wondered what the deal was. I always pictured it as being owned by some rich recluse with a collection of classic cars stored inside. From the looks of the Hair Balls article, I might be right. Though I am probably wrong in my original assumption that he was Middle Eastern royalty.

  • Look, I like rail and think it is essential to the future of Houston. However, I think METRO should have entertained the idea of not connecting the two sections.
    40+ million is a lot of $ for something that doesn’t have widespread support. Couldn’t METRO operate the line w/out the transit center while they get the bottom of this issue? didn’t their haste to make it an overpass first and then their haste to make it an underpass underline the need for them to really engage the community in a solution?

  • Re the distaff statue shortage – there are not a few people in Austin who would be glad to be relieved of this sassy lovely:


    Come and take it!

  • That hair balls article is a joke. The real story is told by a couple of comments at the bottom. There is NO mystery to this.

    Simplest explanation, property tied to someone who has past away… Business/family paying to keep the property. Holds many classic cars from the deceased owner who had a massive collection.

  • @kjb433: John O’Quinn springs to mind. I wish the cub reporter had identified the antique cars and traced them to a specific collection, if that were possible.

  • C’mon KJblur. Both you and I know that if the 6737 Southwest Freeway property were in Downtown or Uptown, it would have been reported as a mystery long ago. I didn’t know it was owned by the late Bud Adams until I saw the article. And yes, the author of the Hairballs article could have done better research and a better story, but at least he did something, which is more than can be said for most of the news outlets when it comes to Gulfton and Sharpstown.

  • luciaphile,

    I now have a third favorite statue after Big Sam and Big Steve.

  • Well then, that “sassy lovely” obviously belongs in Gonzales. She’d be a big hit every October.

  • RE: Balinese Room – preferrably zone it ‘Non Hurricane’ ha ha
    But seriously no huge dock with a music venue for thousands is even close to the ambiance of “the old classic wiped out in 2008.”
    I suppose everything has to be bigger now to warrant the expense of building.

  • I thought it was common knowledge. Maybe I’m just old. Bud Adams used to own Southwest Lincoln-Mercury. SWLM occupied the property since the 1970’s. The auto dealership closed. The property has been vacant ever since. I had no idea it was a mystery.