A Killen’s Within the Houston City Limits; A Tour of Houston’s Weird Homes


Photo of the West Loop: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The photo in the Chron article about 1900 Washington is NOT of 1900 Washington. It’s 1919 Washington, where Julep is located.
    1900 Washington is the brick-facade, zero-setback building on the NW corner of Washington and Silver.

  • The Houstonia article doesn’t actually show or link to the homes featured on the MA+DS tour. But you can find them here: http://mads.media/mads-houston2016/

  • Re: First Annual Weird Homes Tour
    Looking over the photos on the tour website, it doesn’t impress me as particularly weird. Ugly perhaps, but not weird. I’d rather send my $25 to the Houston Food Bank.

  • That is why the chron says in the “1900 block of Washington”.

  • Wolfie, it’s called “salesmanship” …. no one would buy a ticket if you just said unsually “ugly”

  • Please please replace the ugly parking in the front, with anything else. Preferably a patio for dining or drinking. Enough with the front parking already. Kills the area.