A Local’s Guide to Galveston; An H Mart Grows in Katy

Photo of the KPRC demo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I used to like H-Mart on Blalock, until I got food poisoning from the ‘fresh’ cut salmon steaks. And it wasn’t your run of the mill funny smelling fish, it was some sort of chemical contamination. The fish looked and smelled great but when I cooked it, some weird foam and liquid came out, yet unwisely I braved on, then the severe leg cramps and dizziness kicked in, and it went downhill from there. I suspect it’s some liquid they inject the fish with to add weight or make it look presentable past it’s prime.

  • @commonsense
    When I was working in Indonesia a few years back, I learned (much to my concern) that they had just been forced to stop spraying their food with insecticides (to keep maggots and flies away) and started to dip them in formaldehyde to keep “that fresh look”. Not sure what you got but be assured it’s not what you think..

  • Sigh. The first 2 articles I clicked on are subscriber content via HBJ. Getting really tired of this happening, Swamplot.

  • I go to H-Mart for the veggies and fruit that are not available at a Kroger or HEB. All meat products you should be wary of at these locations. The meat is cut too hastily and they leave bones and other parts in there some times.